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Video: Are all vinyl products the same?

This short video explains how to avoid being over-charged for low-quality vinyl products.


Is vinyl the right product for my home?

Vinyl Fencing was introduced into the US market over 20 years ago to give consumers the ultimate in maintenance free and beautiful fencing. Over the last decade vinyl fences have become very popular as consumers nationwide have started realizing the tremendous advantages vinyl offers. Today, five things make vinyl the best choice in fencing.

5 Reasons more consumers are choosing vinyl & 2 Reasons why you shouldn’t!

1. Durable & Permanent

Vinyl fencing is the only fencing system that is durable and permanent. Unlike wood or metal, vinyl is designed to withstand the elements. High grade vinyl will never fade, rot, rust, or look old. It’s the only fence you’ll need for the life of your property. With vinyl, you’ll never have to worry about replacing your fence or settling for a yard that looks old and run down.

2. Low Maintenance

One of the best reasons for having vinyl fencing is that it is very low maintenance. Maintaining a wood or metal fence is more work than you may think. Imagine having to repaint or repair a faded, rotted, chipped, or rusted fence every five years! And what happens when you give up and stop maintaining? Your property st to look old. The beauty of vinyl is that it’s low maintenance. Just wash your vinyl fence with soap and water and you have a fence that looks like brand new all over again!

3. Beautiful Designs

No other fencing gives you the beautiful choices that vinyl does. Don’t just settle for ordinary wood designs. Vinyl gives you all of the design choices you could possibly ask for. A large variety of styles and accessories that match every setting make vinyl fencing the most beautiful fence available today.

With DuraGrain you can achieve the “real wood” look and feel in tan, adobe, or cedar.

Through a proprietary graining technology, DuraGrain exactly matches the look of wood. Now you can enjoy the natural look of wood but without the maintenance. Your fence will always look as good as new and you can rest easy knowing that your fences will never fade, yellow or discolor; will never need treating, painting or staining; and are backed by a lifetime warranty. It’s the ultimate in high durability, low maintenance and great looks!

Don’t take our word for it. Click here and get your FREE Sample Kit. Touch and feel the grain, examine the realism and judge for yourself. Once you get these samples, you’ll be convinced that DuraGrain is the next best thing to wood.

4. An Affordable, High-End Upgrade to Your Property

With all the design choices for the front of your property, the back of the property, around the pool, as a garden separator and so much more, not other fencing can be such a high-end upgrade to your property. Sure custom ornamental iron fencing is a beautiful option, but it costs a fortune. Vinyl is much more affordable, offers many ornamental designs and is the best way to upgrade your property.

5. A Great Fencing Compared to Wood and Metal Fencing

Ordinary wood and metal fencing may seem more affordable than vinyl… but that’s only on the day you buy them. Give a wood or metal fence just five short years and watch the maintenance costs creep up on you. And when you don’t want to replace them because the cost is too much, you’re stuck with an ugly old fence that’s a drag on your property. In a short five years, vinyl is to become more affordable than any wood or metal alternative. And what’s best is you’ll never have to worry about repainting, repainting, or replacing your fence ever again!